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Legal conditions


Hereunder are stated the Conditions of the promotion programme of the inflight sales made by Iberia Líneas Aéreas de España S.A. Operadora Unipersonal, company tax code A-85850394 and official address at Martinez Villergas 49 – 28027 Madrid.

1st COMPANY RESPONSIBLE FOR THE PROMOTION: IBERIA, Líneas Aéreas de España, S.A. Operadora (hereafter Iberia)

2nd VALIDITY PERIOD OF THE PROMOTION: from 1st December to 31st December 2014, both included.

3rd SCOPE OF THE PROMOTION: any holder of the Iberia Plus Card may take part in the promotion purchasing in any intercontinental flight operated by Iberia during the validity period and on which there are inflight sales.


During the validity period of the promotion, any participant making a purchase over 100 € at Iberia Inflight Sales and communicates the Iberia Plus Card number at the moment of the purchase will be registered at the sales terminal and the purchase ticket grant its participation in the drawing.


In order to take part in the promotion, the participant will have to (i) be the holder of a card of the programme Iberia Plus, and (ii) to indicate the number of the Iberia Plus card to the cabin crew at the moment of the inflight purchase. After the validity period the drawing will take place before a Spanish Notary Public that will select randomly 10 card holders that comply with all the conditions herein to be awarded with the 10 prizes.

The cabin crew will ask to the customers if they want to participate in the promotion. If it is the case, the crew will ask for the customer card Iberia Plus, physically or simply asking for the card number, and will register it at the moment of the inflight sales.


10 prizes of 100,000[1] avios each (equivalent, for example, to 10 Intercontinental flight tickets (excepting option 7 of the table of Iberia Plus avios utilization) and 10 tickets for the companion in tourist class) that will be added to the account of the Iberia Plus Holders selected.


The drawing will be made within the 30 days after the end of the validity period of the promotion, it will be made before a Notary Public in the city of Madrid, and in a deadline of 15 days after the drawing Iberia will contact by telephone to the selected Holders and will communicate them the prizes.

There will be 10 winners and 10 reserves. Once the drawing is finished, the Notary will draft the minutes indicating all the incidences if necessary.

If one of the winners refuses the prize, the prize will be awarded to the first reserve and so on.


-          The prize of this promotion consist in the addition of the corresponding Avios points in the Iberia Plus account of the winning participants.

-          Under no circumstance, these Avios points may be subject to change, alteration or compensation to the winner.

-          The Avios of the prizes cannot be transferred, given as a gift or changed for money and they will added to the Iberia Plus account of the Holder.

-          The participants do accept the conditions herein and IBERIA criteria related to the solution of any question arisen from the development of this promotion.

-           The prize(s) awarded will be nontransferable; is to say, if in the case that the winner(s) cold not or do not want to accept the prize(s), or refuse the prize(s), Iberia will proceed to designate the following reserve winner. In the case that no reserve winner accepts or all of the reserve winners refuse to the prize(s), they will be declared null and void.

9th USAGE OF THE WINNERS NAMES AND IMAGE: the winners consent expressly the usage, publication and reproduction in the whole world and without limitations, from Iberia, of their image and name in any kind of publicity, promotion, publication, including on the Internet, or in any other media, with commercial or informative purposes if they are related to this promotion.


Iberia reserves the right to remove any user defrauds, alters or prevents the correct functioning and the normal and regulated conditions of this promotion.

11th CONDITIONS PUBLICATION: these conditions will be available at the web site www.iberia.com in Spanish and English languages.

12th MODIFICATIONS AND ANNEXES: Iberia reserves the right modify or to add the successive annexes about the processes and prizes, when justified and do not be detrimental to the participants and communicated in a dully manner.


In accordance to the Spanish regulations on income taxes, the prizes awarded under the participation in games, drawing lots, raffles or any other kind of toss related to the sale  or promotion of goods or services are subject to tax withdrawing if the prize is over 300 €.

The prizes of this promotion are subject the Spanish Royal Decree – Real Decreto Legislativo 3/2004, approving the text of the regulation of the income taxes; the Spanish Royal Decree – Real Decreto 1775/2004 approving the regulations; the Spanish Royal Decree – Real Decreto 2069/1999 on 30th December approving the Statues of the Spanish National Lottery Organisation; the Spanish Royal Decree – Real Decreto 3059/1966 on 1st December approving the new text on the regulation of the fiscal taxes; and all the related orders indicating that if necessary, it will correspond to the company IBERIA to  the case, it will correspond to Iberia to do the corresponding deductions at source or deposits. The other tax repercussion will be under the participants’ responsibility.


The participants in this promotion accept and consent that their personal data necessary for the participation in this drawing lot will be incorporated to an electronic file under IBERIA ownership and to be treated in order to develop the drawing lot, in accordance to the Spanish regulation L.O. 15/1999 on Personal Data Protection. The delivery of the personal data required for the inscription in the drawing lot is compulsory to being able to develop it.

Additionally IBERIA has adopted the required security levels of personal data protection and tries to install all the necessary tools and technical measures to avoid the loss, wrong utilization, alteration, not authorized access and theft of the Personal Data of the participants in the drawing lot.

The participants certify that the Personal Data given in relation to this promotion are true. The participants are compelled to communicate to IBERIA any change in these data. IBERIA is expressly authorized to transfer the personal data to the notary public realizing the drawing lot only to proceed to choose the winners.

The rights of the participants to access, cancel, rectify and opposition is granted and may be executed by one of the following methods:

-          Giving a written notice, sending the corresponding request form and the certifying identification documentation to the following address:

IBERIA Zona Industrial nº 2

Dirección Sistemas / Mánager Seguridad de la Información y Arquitectura

28042 Madrid

-          By fax, sending the corresponding request form and the certifying identification documentation to the number +31 91 587 55 64 to the attention “Atencion de Datos Personales”.

-          In accordance to the Spanish regulation 56/2007 on measures to support the information society, you may address your request by email to the address atencion_datospersonales@iberia.es with the digital signature of your Spanish National Identity Card (DNI), in this case there is no need of further identification certificates.


This drawing lot is regulated in accordance to Spanish laws. To solve any difference or issue arisen from the drawing lot, the parties are expressly subject to the jurisdiction of the Courts of the city of Madrid, and renounce to any other laws that may correspond to them.


The participation in this promotion represents the acceptance of all the conditions herein.

Iberia has the right to modify the conditions of this promotion at any moment, and even to cancel it or to leave it without effects if there is a justifying reason. Iberia engages to communicate by this channel the modified conditions, or if it is the case to communicate the cancel of the promotion, allowing to all the participants to access the information, the participants will not have the right to claim anything for this concept.


The conditions will be under the Notary Public power and they will be published in the web site http://www.iberia.com available to any person that may want to consult them.




[1] Only Iberia destinations. Taxes and emission costs not included. They will not be valid for shared code flights not operated by Iberia. For further details about the points tables and general conditions please visit www.iberia.com-iberia plus-compañias asociadas and ofertas-vuelos-Iberia.



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